Make your vision & mission clear.

Pricing & Info



Every site is designed with the clients vision and mission in mind. We do not publish our portfolio as this often becomes a source of confusion for the client. Why? We have found that we like to pick this, that, and those to be on the site. However, you are original, so let's start there. To best clarify what you need, a consultation is recommended. This way, we can get to the features that you actually need on your site, then we can take a look at the portfolio. 

Keep in mind that the Clear Site website is a model of our design strategy: Clear, simple, and easy to navigate. 



Each site is priced based on site features & build time. Each client begins at a base price of $1499. 



Each site is supported for 6 months. After that, support is $75 a month. Support includes: Updates to text, graphics*, and troubleshooting. 

Graphics*: If graphics are created by Clear Site, then the monthly cost would be negotiated based on need. Graphic mentioned above is for graphics you have created and provided.



Most sites have their first year of hosting covered within the cost of the site design. If your site does not include hosting, the fee will be based on your specific site features. Site hosting never to exceed $312 a year. 



Your domain name is how people visit your site. E.g. Although we can work with any domain registrar, we prefer If you have not yet secured your domain, do so after your free consultation. We need to clarify before you buy.