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Matt Wade | Husband, Father, Pastor, Designer, & Photographer. 

Matt Wade | Husband, Father, Pastor, Designer, & Photographer. 

Remember hymns?

Remember when hymns were being debated over as to their relevance? Remember the movement of Hillsong - which is still rolling strong? Now Bethel, and their unreal worship culture. 

Church has changed a lot, hasn't it? Wow. But, unless you have a full-time person to manage your online presence, often our web & social media presence can't keep up with all that is happening in our church and in our world. If we are honest, we often feel irrelevant, or worse, become irrelevant to an ever-changing culture. 

I get it. This type of change can be overwhelming and downright frustrating. But, we don't want you to stay there. 

What if we could partner together to make your web & social media presence clear to those around you and attract more people? This could be a fun conversation to an en empowering relationship. Let's do this!